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A good night’s rest is essential in the life of a growing child, and selecting the perfect mattress can be the key to having a good sleep. We know that little ones are prone to mishaps, so we’ve made this mattress dual-sided and with a waterproof layer on one that makes it easy to wipe away moisture from the surface. This kid’s mattress is made in Great Britain so you can rest assured the quality is of the highest standard for your child.,Dimensions: Height:190 cm, Height In:74.8 in, Width:90 cm, Width In:35.4 in, Depth:20 cm, Depth In:7.9 in, Weight:16 kg,Item details: Soft white fibre, wipeable waterproof layer on one side, Made in Great Britain,More information: Mattress Type:Open Spring, Filling type:Polyester Fibre

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